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On Character Creation
♣  During the beginning of the game, there is no initial character limit - within reason.  If you can keep up the activity levels, you can keep the characters.  Eventually there will be a character limit put in place, something roughly about four or six characters.  

So, you're interested in the game based on the premise and you've read the rules.  Now the only thing to do is apply!  This page houses the application to fill out, but if you want to make sure no one else applies for a character you're working on applying for, please comment on the HOLDS page.  Holds last a week and can be extended (within reason) an extra three days past the hold.  If the hold expires before we receive the application, you can still apply, but two applications for the same character will be on equal footing without a hold.

What should you know before applying?  If you're not sure where your character should go, or need some ideas to think on before you explain what side they wind up on, here's some helpful tidbits about the setting!

I Might Sign Up for a Character in Asgard...!
♣ Good characters (or characters housed in  Asgard for that side)  are only voluntary participants.  No character on the side of good is forced into the task; all members of this side agreed to be here and know what they agreed to.
♣ Characters on this side may be individuals looking to redeem themselves, decent individuals, profiteers, etc.

I Might Sign Up for a Character in Niflheim...!
♣ Evil characters (or characters housed in Niflheim for that side) are either asked to join and volunteer for the task, or forced into it.  Evil only forces people that they think would actually succumb to being forced in the first place.  It wouldn't select someone who would be forced into it only to immediately rebel and avoid participating; it would be characters that are shitty or cowardly enough to actually obey after being forced.
♣ Characters on this side may be people who seek benefits promised to them by their shepherd such as being returned to life, gaining a power they've always desired, or some other prize.  Others may have joined purely because it suits their tastes, because they were forced into it and aren't likely to fight back, or because they truly do wish to see an end to the world.

I Might Sign Up for a Neutral Character...!
♣ Neutral characters are a very particular class and must always be one third the amount of the total cast or less, so neutral applications are not often allowed.  Unless you have previously discussed this with the mod and received express permission to do so, you may only apply for a neutral character if you have two active affiliated characters in the game that are not neutral and only if there aren't too many at the time of the application being sent.  You cannot randomly have a character go to the neutral side without seeking and obtaining mod approval for balance's sake.
♣ Neutral characters find themselves in one of three situations.  
  • Individuals who work (or who have agreed to solely work) for Julius Grey, the lord of the Grey Manor and stay in his lands for safety.  These are individuals who woke up lost within this new world and were rescued and given a place to stay by Julius.  These are people who are more content to have a purpose assigned to them as they try to figure out why they wound up here.
  • Individuals who have figured out what's going on and want to either screw up or attempt to push this game in their own favor somehow.
  • Individuals who, after getting their bearings about what's going on from other people or Julius Greyford himself, have decided to put themselves up as 'for hire' by whichever team can afford or interest them for a task.
Additional Notes
  • The Mod reserves the right to close certain types of characters to future applications if it looks like it is causing a noticeable imbalance.
  • The Mod reserves the right to balance some of your character's talents on the journey to Chaos Unraveled.  If your character has too many canonical abilities that would unbalance the game (for example, L from Death Note or Alessa from Silent Hill), but you still want to play them, a few skill sacrifices would need to occur.  For example, a character that picks up talents and skillsets almost immediately such as L does would find himself intellectually slower at learning, less able to adapt but still capable of making clever assessments.  Alessa might find herself significantly powered down, but still able to command some of her abilities - it all depends on what the player and mod agree upon during discussion.

Application Links
Application Sheet / Reference Sheet for Canon Characters
Application Sheet / Reference Sheet for Original Characters


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