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This list may be long to help incorporate guidelines to smooth any potential issues that could arise between roleplayers due to different expectations or impressions of the setting, etc. There'll be some basic rules as to how this game runs and some not-so basic rules.

General Expectations
♣ Applying to the game means agreeing that you have read the rules and will abide by them, including any additional rules described during the application process on the application page.

♣ Whether in a character’s background or in a log on the main board, please label anything that may be upsetting with a clear warning.   Themes of a graphic and explicit nature may be explored as long as players treat the content with respect.  A past history of sexual/domestic violence or suicidal themes is acceptable in characters, but anything to actively happen within the game should be discussed with the mod (and any immediately involved players) first.  Though technically any topic is worth exploring in fiction, for the sake of everyone's comfort levels in a public game, we ask that no in-game character plots contain the written act of rape (befores, afters and mentions only) or suicide.  Those who wish to request a waiver of this rule must discuss it with the mod, obtain written permission and prove that they have written permission from all participants in the in-game plot with a full understanding of what is to come.  It's not likely. 

♣ Players must be at least 17 or older in order to apply, but anyone 17 cannot write sexually explicit content under any circumstances within the game, regardless of the other person's age.

♣ Remember that in-character attitudes do not equal player attitudes.

♣ Be active. If you need to be away for an extended period of time for any reason, please drop a note in the Drop Box, or an email to the Mod.  There will be monthly activity checks that basically amount to 'are you roleplaying the character or aren't you', as it's pretty easy to notice.  Inactivity for two months without a hiatus warning will result in an immediate drop of the character.  When you become free, you can always reapply for the character if they are not taken in the interim.  

On Writing
♣ Whether or not English is your first language, you will incorporate spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.  English does not need to be your first language.  Mistakes are acceptable.  Coherency is key; that is all.

♣ COMMUNICATION IS KEY.  Do your best to keep communication up and it will avoid most issues in the first place.  It is your job to speak up about what you are and are not comfortable with; if you agreed to something and your roleplay partner does so and you become upset AFTERWARDS, it is your job to speak up and say that you were mistaken, or there was a misunderstanding, and the thread or plot needs to cease or be altered in some way.  If there is some issue in regards to the Chaos Unraveled roleplay and you need a mod to assist you, please do not be afraid to contact a moderator for assistance.  In addition, there are warnings on threads; if something you are not comfortable with is part of a thread, then do not read it.  Do not attempt to police others' comfort levels; attempting to do so will ultimately have you removed from the game if you do not stop after repeated warnings.

♣ Collaboration is prized here.  Chaos Unraveled thrives the most when players interact not only with the major plot(s), but the player-driven character subplot(s) that arise.

♣ Character subplot(s) that are large enough to affect multiple characters or the game at large should be discussed with the players of said characters as well as the mod.  Players are encouraged to move forward with their individual stories, but need to talk with the mod about changes on a large level.  Example?  "My character is going to go blow up half a city!" versus "My character is going to go fight that character!"  For the latter, you don't need to discuss it with the mod.  However, you do need to discuss mass influence on a level like that, since it requires permission and awareness of the entire cast to prevent continuity issues.  We don't want someone a day later acting like Emptiness is crystal clean if half of it blew up!

♣ While players must be 18 or older, characters do not need to be.  However.  Characters 17 or younger cannot participate in explicit sexual and sexually violent content.  This doesn't mean that, if handled maturely, your character can't be involved in such activities if that's the direction you wish.  Jerry may have flashbacks to a traumatic experience, but the act of it is not permitted, period end paragraph.  Befores, afters, references?  Those are all acceptable as long as you mark your post as containing such content while writing a minor.  No porn of your fifteen year old character, thanks.

♣ It is understood that sometimes you may have your characters interact.  It might be to bounce them off each other, it might be because it's necessary due to how plot involvement worked out.  Either way, it's fine.  However, you cannot use this to your advantage and spill the secrets given in confidence to one of your another character you play.  
Example:  Julia confesses a problem she's having to Joey.  Joey doesn't have the perfect ability to help her, but Bilbo does!  The player of both Joey and Bilbo simply claims (or writes out that) Joey has talked to Bilbo about it, giving the player room to handle the issue in a way the player of Joey and Bilbo would prefer.  The player of Julia only wanted Joey to be aware, however, and is none too thrilled.
Unless it's expressly permitted by the person involved, don't.  And even if it is, don't take advantage of it.  It's not really fair in most situations, though I'm aware there might be a time where it's okay.

On The Communities

There are four big communities of note for Chaos Unraveled.  Here's what they are!

[profile] [community profile] chaosunraveled is for third-person interactions and logs.  There are three types of accepted posts, but all must follow the same initial format of:

Character(s): Who?
Setting: Where, when?
Content: Indicate whether there is Adult Content/NSFW, or Rated Everyone/Worksafe.  Anything with graphic mentions of sex or violence is Adult Content.  Please indicate any necessary warnings here as well (i.e. graphic torture, clementine use of clowns, or rapid reuse of allegorical alliteration).
Summary: A brief summary of what happened/is happening or the concept for the scene.
Status: Whether it is Complete or In-Progress.

Character(s): Metatron and Lucifer
Setting: A forest near the city of Emptiness.
Content: Worksafe.  Mild language if anything?
My-group-is-better-than-your-group discussion.
Status: Complete.

[Insert cut here.]

Beneath the cut is either the beginning of the traditional thread, a post of a log or a post of an audio clip with a transcribed script written down from a voice recording.   Note: voice recordings are only permitted if you can easily hear all of the interactions, with nothing missing.  Please try to include a transcription of the recording in written form when possible, however.

[profile] [community profile] chaosunraveledcomm is for first-person interactions.   First-person interactions are phone calls, emails, texts and social media interactions via a magical or internet system based on what your character would understand.  It takes the form of a journal that floods with the writing of others, a laptop that works a "CommJournal" like dreamwidth or livejournal, or a gadget that allows similar communication.  For further explanation, click here.
♣ [profile] [community profile] chaosunraveledooc is for anything OOC!  You can encourage each other to fill out memes, suggest or request plots, point out characters you'd love to see here, etc.!  You're welcome to introduce yourself, ask what-if questions and whatever else.

[profile] [community profile] chaosunraveledmods is where all the rules and most announcements will go.  It will house most of the information goodies.


♣ When it comes to rulebreaking: three times, you're out.  If you break the same rule multiple times or show a blatant disregard for following the rules in Chaos Unraveled, then you will be removed for what would have been a fourth warning.  Misunderstandings arise, but there is a limit.  Based on the severity, the amount of warnings may be diminished.

♣ There is only one official mod.  The official mod account is 
[personal profile] chaosunraveledmod .  There is currently 1 helper account that assists with one or two select tasks to help facilitate the game running more smoothly.  Though the helper's duties may change, only the mod may make those changes and the helper may not overstep boundaries and make decisions involving duties that they have not received permission to assist with.  This is, again, to keep things running more smoothly - too many people deciding too many things could make things a bit more prone to hiccups than intended.  If interested, you can always request to be another helper to the game, but only do so if you enjoy an organizational duty or two.  Assistants are welcome, but the mod won't go out of the way and request more unless it seems absolutely necessary.  Volunteers will likely be accepted unless there's an overabundance of assistants.  For a list of official helper duties, feel free to check out the Mod & Helper Duties page.

♣ More rules can and will be added as necessary.


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