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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something based on the pages you've glanced over? Want to toss a question to the mod? Feel free to put a comment on this FAQ page or contact the mod (via PM, email, or messaging) to get an answer. It could be that you aren't the only one who has it, so go ahead!


Q: Chaos Unraveled: 3rd Edition? What happened to the previous two editions of the game?
A: The game's 2nd edition had a full run in the past. The game's 1st edition was also successful, but ended when, many, many years ago, a site called greatestjournal announced they were going to go down. This prompted a move for many roleplayers and rpgs hosted there. A majority of the players requested a restart of the game due to several wanting to switch their characters, etc. at the same time as the move, so Chaos Unraveled was restarted and given its 2.0 status.

Q: Why dreamwidth? Why not tumblr or a forum?
A: Every site has its pros and cons for roleplay experience. Individual roleplay works very well with sites like tumblr, for example, for a lot of people. However, it's much easier to keep track of threads and interaction on a site like this, and for closed roleplaying groups, I tend to find this format the most successful after having created roleplaying games on very different sites. I'm also just personally partial to the combination of first-person and third-person interactions that lend themselves to the rp experience.


Q: How long does it take to get a response to an application?
A: Typically, it should take 3-4 days, but occasionally a full week. I request that you wait a full week before contacting the mod for an update. After a week, it will be appreciated - it might be that I missed the application or that it was buried under many other emails. After reminding the mod (if this step occurs), please give it another 1-2 days to be fully considered. If accepted, you will be given a start date with time to prepare the character journal and reference sheet, etc. Depending on the amount of applications at the time, you may be given a start date that coordinates with several characters entering at the same time, or your character may enter alone. Alternatively, if you wish to start immediately upon being accepted, that is also okay!

Q: I'm applying for a character that exists in other settings, do I include abilities for both? For example, a character that is from Arthurian legend but I'm applying for a version from an anime?
A: It depends on the setting your character is coming from. The mods prefer things always be as "canon" as possible based on your chosen source material as it lends itself better to the setting of Chaos Unraveled. Otherwise, it'd be better to play an Original Character. There are times where this would be fine, however. For a rough example: Jenny wants to play Arturia from Fate/Stay Night. She wants to play her with no extra abilities from the legend. However, she speaks to the mod about influencing her take slightly with the legend of King Arthur actually having loved Guinevere. This change would not affect much, simply a background piece of flavor when King Arthur's love for his queen could be interpreted as a very important part of the story given its place in the tragedy of the Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere mess. This might pass depending on the application. Adding additional abilities? Most likely not, but you're still welcome to ask since there might be a situation where it's fully appropriate and I just haven't encountered it.

Q: Let's say someone's playing Captain America and I want to play the Human Torch? Can I still use the same actor for a faceclaim, since the movies use the same actor?
A: In general, yes. I don't think it's okay to just pick the same faceclaim that someone else is using, but if it's something already established with the same face, I don't see a problem with it. In addition, if someone using the same faceclaim as you is fine with sharing a faceclaim, I also don't care about that, as long as I am notified of the permission before seeing the application. Worst case scenario, I just send a message asking you to pick a different faceclaim.


Q: Do I have to make one account per character played?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the account to post headcanons, personal soundtracks of the character, etc. since I post to the communities instead of account's journal?
A: Yes. Ideally, you'll have a public post for players to view your app (or revamped character reference sheet, since a lot of people like doing something similar to what I started with the characters I play), and you can use it for whatever other notes, headcanon posts, etc. you like.


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