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Morganda, A World Asunder
Though not often referred to by name, the plane, the world that all have arrived on to carry out this series of tests and trials is called Morganda. It is filled with various terrain and interesting locations for those willing to look. However, those who stray of the paths may find their sanity, health and even life at risk.

Morganda is a large "continent" that would be difficult to fully explore for any one individual without extreme devotion and risk. To the west lies the blackened castle of Niflheim. To the east, the white castle of the Asgard. At the very center of the maps purchaseable from Julius' storefront lies the enormous, appropriately titled urbanscape of Emptiness. Skyscrapers, modern buildings, suburbs and ghettos - and no one.

Around these locations are even more places of note, expanding out to wilds both fascinating and dangerous. There are magical and mundane existences alike wandering this plane - and yet nothing too humanoid, nothing too human aside from the shadows hiding in the corner of one's eye as one wanders Emptiness. Aside from those who stay in Asgard, Niflheim or the Grey Manor, Morganda is bereft of individuals.


For more specific information on Asgard (Castle of the Skies), Niflheim (Blackened Castle of the Deep), or the Grey Manor, please see their appropriate pages.

Amongst the urbanscapes lie apparitions, spirits, and ghosts. Around it, dangerous wildlife that could be expected by those from a regular, modern Earth. However comforting that may be. Stay on the paths; to wander is to catch unwanted attention.

Most roads lead to Emptiness.
For all looks and appearances, an enormous and gorgeous urban city. Skyscrapers, restaurants, empty stores, museums, apartment buildings and pristine suburban grounds. And yet, the city itself is not the focal point. The city itself is built around something else, to those who wander far enough inside...
Traveler's Notes: During the day, the only danger are the wanderers. Still, it's creepy as hell just thinking about how millions of people just...aren't there. No trace. No nothing. At night, though, all sorts of creeping spirits skirt the walls just out of sight.

The Spire
A dark and powerful portrait...
Impossible architecture, the polyhedric spiral is an immense...spiral. Floating and slowly twisting around gently. Day and night, it slowly turns. Immense and towering, it feels the way it looks: unnatural, foreboding, terrible and silent. Those curious enough to push past the immense aura of the place will find themselves unable to walk less than 20 feet away, as though something is determined no one come too close...
Traveler's Notes: Toss anything at it. Anything. Fire, metal, bullets - the fire fades, the metal and bullets sink into the spire and disappear. Nothing marks this thing.

Stay on the paths; to wander is to be lost.

Sea of Fountains
Go north enough and you will eventually stumble across the sea of fountains. Beautiful curved fountains of various stone and design fill the horizon. Water spouts from them eternally, flooding the ground and forming a shallow layer (roughly two feet deep) of water across the leagues of spouting water.

The Vat
The Vat is a gaping spherical bay that spills out at the northeastern corner into an endless, murky sea. The water is dark, yet not dirtied or polluted – simply grimy and earthen, like swamp water. On the southern edge there is a beaten stretch of beach battered by the waves, with many large rocks jutting just out of the surf. The constant precipitation completes the storm-lashed feel of the beach, culminated further by the dark gray sand.

Kaleidas Cove
Adjacent to/nestled within: The Vat
If one travels the length of the small spit of sand, a cramped cave entrance can be found in a narrow passageway between three large overhanging boulders bearing the shape of grim statutes. The Cove itself is oddly easy to navigate, four by four entrances convalescing in on all sides into a large nexus at the center. The tumultuous weather and natural lighting of the cave give the appearance of colors flaring, and many indescribable minerals and igneous rock formations jut out of the cave walls.

Seashell Shores
Careful with your feet on this northwestern shore. Nestled between two cliffsides (if one ventures down the hill between) lies a beach covered from end to end with various seashells and seaglass. Scooping up enough of them will eventually reveal the soft sand beneath, but eventually the waves come and push more of the seashells onto the sand.

Stay on the paths and take care if you must stray. Take care to come back unharmed and do not lose hope.

Asgard, Castle of the Skies
The white castle with its blue roofs shine in the bright light of the sun as it rises, giving the monument wings of light in the morning. The castle and its grounds are large, and those who would enter with any ill will find themselves unable to cross the bridge (or river) seperating the grounds from the rest of Morganda. Facing the castle itself from the bridge, there is a good amount of fertile farmland to one side, along with a barn and a few buildings to help with the caring of such ground and creatures. On the other side, a series of multiple gardens. Further in...aside from the castle, it is difficult to tell without being within the grounds itself.

Chapel of Melody
Deep into the forest near Asgard, just over medium-sized hill lies a forgotten hint of peace. Easily imagined within any country village, the small church was instead surrounded by the thick, dense brush of trees within the forest. Wildflowers sprouted everywhere amidst tall grass. Nature seemed at peace with the chapel, untouched as it was by the wear of the woodlands. There is a small aura of safety and serenity here. Ring the bell and hear the quiet resonance.

Sonorous Caverns
To those unafraid of exploring caves, a traveler may stumble upon the underwater river flowing through the Sonorous Caverns. Aptly named, sound is amplified due to the shape the caverns have taken, resulting in deep, imposing echoes that resound into incoherent murmurs as they carry further through the river's many forks.

An ancient, oval amphitheater to the southeast, it is large enough to easily hold somewhere between 50,000 to 80,000 people.

Follow the paths. Observe what one can. Deal what one must. But who made the paths, and why?

Witchlight Forest
A dense, wet forest that receives only the barest rays of light on the ground. Fortune and poison await amidst the moss and toadstools.

Grey Manor
Nestled past the swamp, the bog and the Forest of Dust, built against a cliffside facing north, lies the almost palacial-sized manor and the small villa housed within its walls. Gaslamps are the main source of light within the place as the sunlight does not often peek through the clouds here. Despite the weather in the rest of the world, the area surrounding Grey Manor tends to be wet and cloudy.

Stay on the paths; the paths make fools feel safe.

Niflheim, Blackened Castle of the Deep
There is no moat to this castle, only an extremely large, spiraling marble staircase embedded in the ground, leading the wanderer down towards the dark castle build against a mountain. With the way the light hits it during the day, the brightest it gets is a dull red reflected from the mountains. The first thing one sees it the towers poking above the area around the castle's ground level.

Limbs dangle from the trees and bubble up within the dark, muddy waters. This place smells of rust - or more accurately, the blood spilled here time and time again. Unpleasant is the mildest word for this shrine of death and decay.

Luminous Lake
Nestled amid otherwise grassy mounds and hills to the warm west lies the Luminous Lake. The bacteria within the waters glow gold in the sunlight; at night, they give off a soft, gorgeous blue light.

The Vast
It’s big; little else.
Conquerors of old might have called the western waters The Ocean at the World’s End. The Vast’s gargantuan size is matched only by its silence and opacity; the water is as quiet as the grave, and as dark as the fabled Styx, nearly impossible to see through save a few feet. It appears to be truly endless - crossing it is a feat deemed impossible. None have ever returned from attempting at traversing it. Very few pockets of aquatic life exists within its ecosystem excluding small creatures similar to krill and sedentary existences like moss. However, due to its famed silence, if one listens for long – deep, guttural tones like drums have been heard from its depths.
Traveler's Notes: Word of advice? Not the place for skinny dipping.

The Ghazic Plain
A God’s paint-by-numbers.
The Ghazic plain is a southwestern series of sun-bleached savannah that lay nestled low marshes to the west of it and the broad forests eastwards. The intersecting ecosystems make it proliferated with migrating wildlife and lush greenery, accentuated by the unobstructed sky above. More eye-catching than the pleasant scenery, though, is the individual fields themselves. They number around 17 depending on the weather and the time of year, and are comprised of tall grass and surrounding flowers that extend upward about 3-5 feet in full summer in pockets of clean square pastures that extend at the most about half of an acre. These clean pockets of greenery hold a secret only visible from certain encroaching treetops from the neighboring forestation. Patterns and drawings are formed through differences in length in the grass, resembling designs like small animals and words in a primitive language. They seem to get more complicated as they move inward, but to discern more would require both flight and punctuality.
Traveler's Notes: Grass making drawings. How poetic. I wonder what Mama Nature’s doodles look like to her?

Mod Note: Players can request new locations, so long as they include the name of it and a good-sized description. Simply PM the mod with the location request, the name and description, or comment at the bottom of this post. If approved, it will be added shortly thereafter. Mundane areas that become particularly important (such as a special rendezvous location to the East, etc.) can always become listed with a description if submitted.


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